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We will be updating information for scheduling in person and telehealth therapy sessions, upcoming Men's Support Groups, and links to mental health resources. 
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The Cerebral Garage

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About Me

Along with providing psychotherapy, I am also a full-time employee with the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health where I provide training and coaching for professionals working with youth in the child welfare system. I have previous experience as an Adjunct Professor of Social Work at California State University, Los Angeles; an Integrated Behavioral Health Program Coordinator providing mental health services and crises interventions to adults, consultation and psychoeducation to medical residents, and engaged in a statewide study on aging and depression; a school based clinical therapist working with children and families and providing consultation and behavioral management techniques to educators; a hospice social work; Regional Center Service Coordinator for individuals with development disabilities; drug counselor and homeless case manager; a supported living services program coordinator for adults with developmental disabilities; and a special education teaching assistant. Outside of the field of social services and social work, I have worked at warehouses, machine shops, retail stores, been a truck delivery driver, done construction and demolition, and wrought iron welding while working my way through school.

Mental Health Wellness Services

What You Can Expect

Men's Support Groups 

I believe that every single human being has a bit of healing to do. Improving your self-awareness and your outlook of troubling situations are just two of the ways in which opening up and learning to reconnect with oneself and others can dramatically change your life.

Fists in Solidarity


Whatever your reason for seeking out Psychotherapy, I’m dedicated to helping you find your way to better mental health. Book your first appointment to get started on your journey towards the life you deserve.

Desert Road

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”


Get in Touch

I look forward to meeting you. Together, we will embark on a journey towards a better life.

1227 W Valley Blvd, Suite 204, Alhambra, CA 91755

(323) 201-7477

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